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Corpsus Hypertexticus
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spacemummy with canopic urns
spacemummy with canopic urns,
originally uploaded by spacemummy.
Via Flickr:
I am communicating with my external organs which are preserved in these 4 urns by means of the powerfez. Each urn controls a different aspect of the ship. For instance, Hapy, the baboon, the urn which contains my preserved lung tissue, controls the navigation of the Mummyship.

Isis+Spacemummy A'scanning
Isis+Spacemummy A'scanning,
originally uploaded by spacemummy.
A work in Progress. I intend to carve a 2nd block to be printed a lighter color with architecture background.

"Make a way for me, my soul, my spirit and my shadow, for I am equipped, I am a transfigured spirit."
Spell 91, The Book of Coming Forth by Day

originally uploaded by spacemummy.

The legend.


The blind spot of a douchebag is the size of its douche holding capacity. That is, the douchebag is completely ignorant of its douchiness. Even when it is leaking, the douchebag is probably completely ignorant of its loss of douche. I would even go so far as to say that if the douchebag had any selfconsciousness at all it would grow up and become an enema.

Spacemummy Cake
Spacemummy Cake,
originally uploaded by spacemummy.
Best birthday cake ever.

originally uploaded by spacemummy.

We scan the local solar system: me in the fez hooked into the canopic array, Isis tapping on her touch screen like a deft tabla player.

MG vs the Squid
MG vs the Squidoids,
originally uploaded by spacemummy.

Hey! I've got an etsy page for my prints, and tshirts too when I get around to printing more. Stop by and check it out. Each print has some kind of circumlocution attached to it.

"He'll always be in some kind of band, just to prove he exists" is what they said about about Curt. I guess the same can be said for my printing. I show up at the San Francisco Center for the Book once a week for a studio day and throw together some kind of project or three. I now have 12 posters of my block prints coupled with handset lead type. Most of them are posted on my flickr site. Anybody who has been following this effort will note that I am now doing editions. All prints are designed to confuse the uninitiated.

Printed on the V4 proofing press at the San Francisco Center for the Book, 26 JAN 2010 , 7"x11", Edition of 25, sepia ink on white 100 lb paper, linocut and 24 pt Venus Light Extended type.

This one looks better up close, or at least more intersting. At this resolution it loses all the detail that I so obsessively tried to coax from the piece of linoleum. Carving is a therapy that I recommend to all. It's better than medicating yourself into oblivion.

Printed on the V4 proofing press at the San Francisco Center for the Book, 26 JAN 2010 , 6"x10", Edition of 30, light blue and sepia ink on white 100 lb paper

Multiple colors can be difficult. Once you get the registration down, the results are pretty satisfying.

Printed on the V4 proofing press at the San Francisco Center for the Book, 19 JAN 2010 , 6"x10", Edition of 20, green ink on white 100 lb paper, linocut with 24 pt Goudy Bold lead type.

I think this turned out nice. My friend Virginia says, "You like this one because you got to use the word 'proboscis.'" Ok, you got me.

I've got more but I can't find the power adapter for the scanner. It's, like, gone.

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